Thursday, April 28, 2005


From the web page of Michael Anissimov,, thanks to Michael Vassar for the link:

Upwinger. As put by buddy John Smart, a fellow upwinger, "I hold a "political" outlook neither right wing, nor left wing, but "up wing", with positions defined very little by traditional political dialog, but primarily by assessing which choices in science and technology will accelerate us most humanely into a better world." I believe it is naive to think that human political opinions are the primary variable in determining whether humanity flourishes or dies out in the 21st century and beyond. Our fate and quality of life is determined primarily by the successive emergence of ever-more-powerful technologies, the policy attitudes we take towards them, and the application (or lack thereof) of robust, freedom-fostering precautions in early and intermediate development stages (where individual activists and small organizations can actually have influence). Traditional politics is not a feasible "leverage point" for doing good in the world, unless you devote your entire life to it (and even then, you can't be certain you'll have an impact). There are just too many people already in the business. It's just so easy to become fixated on the emotional and psuedointellectual issues of politics; why not try something more challenging for a change?